Communications and engagement

Mailing lists


This is a private moderate traffic list including past and current OTF supported projects, fellows, AC members, and other key at-large folks from the internet freedom community who’ve opt’d in to join this list. OTF and many current projects provide monthly updates on this list. This is a great space to engage with projects and community members outside regular AC tasks. If you are a reviewer and not on this list, contact an OTF team member and we’ll get you signed up.


This is private low traffic list for past and current Advisory Council members only. Members and OTF may bring up broader strategic topics for discussion. OTF also sends the summary of application rounds and invitations for periodic AC calls to this list


This is a private low traffic list for currently active AC members and review related discussions. At the start of each month, OTF will send out a tranche of applications for review with summaries as and the final determination for any past applications. AC members should feel free to openly discussion any matters related to applications they see fit.


This list is and invite-only list for all those attending OTF’s annual summit which includes past and current projects and fellows, Lab service providers, AC members and invited guests from the larger Internet freedom community.


This is an open to the public announce only list for both OTF and other funder opportunities that we curate and send out on a regular basis. Please visit this link if you’d like to sign up.

OTF Daily Newsletter

This is a daily email open to the public with OTF curated news related to internet freedom. You can sign up from the form on the bottom of our main website. You can also follow our tweets, if you don’t want to wait for the email.

Individual emails

Advisory Council members are apart of review groups for the fund and fellowships they’ve signed up for. When an application moves into the council review state, the application system will send reviewers individual emails letting them know there is a new application for them to review. Every now and then, an OTF team member may email a selection of AC members to review applications that have languished past review deadlines or that need to be expedited.

AC Calls

OTF hosts three AC calls a year, within the third week of weeks of January, May, and September. These months were chosen to coincide with our every other month rounds, so that we have a call every other round. The calls will be facilitated by OTF’s Principal Director, these calls will be an opportunity for all AC members to ask any and all questions, offer advice outside of individuals reviews, discuss strategic or tactical topics of interest to AC members, OTF, and/r the internet freedom field more generally. This will also serve as an opportunity for OTF team members to update council members on strategy and new initiatives and provide higher-level overviews of recent rounds and projects. We will be reaching out to the council list before each call to solicit topics for the agenda. Call notes will be recorded by OTF and sent out to the AC-Talk list for all members to review and discuss as needed.

Annual Summit

Every year in the fall we gather all of our active projects and fellows, service partners, AC members, key stakeholders, and other established community members for the OTF Annual Summit. This is an invite-only event that moves around the world every year or two. All AC members who are actively reviewing are invited to attend.