What if I don’t feel as though I have the necessary expertise (or feel comfortable) to review an application?

That’s OK, you’re not alone. Everyday the OTF reviews applications that any one of us alone do not have much knowledge about. In those cases, there are usually non-technical but equally important factors you may be able to weigh in on. Do the cost of outputs seem reasonable? Is the time-frame appropriate? Do the listed organizations and individuals seem capable of completing the stated work? Does it seem like they are collaborating with others? Do they point to existing efforts or complementary projects? Regardless of actual knowledge, does the narrative tie nicely to the objects and work sections? Is the overall proposal well written? Even so, you may have important thoughts regarding the socio-political or other implications beyond the technical questions. Please include these, even if the form fields don’t allow for it and let us know how we can change the review forms to be more inclusive.

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