Reviewing applications

This first part of this section is focused on walking you through getting into the application system, finding useful interfaces for all AC members, and how to complete tasks that are common for all AC members. There will also be generic review guidance here. Further in for each specific fund, there may be more specific guidance provide. You may also find reviewing the sections of this handbook for applicants useful in identifying what OTF considers more or less competitive.

Application System

The OTF application system can be found at (previous system) and (new system). All reviewers have been provided a login for use. If your login does not work, experience a bug, have a feature request, or want to raise an issue with the application system you can either email the person you engage with most at OTF, [email protected], start a discussion thread on our community discussion forum, or create an issue on our Github page.

[Todo, add screenshots from the new system]

Once logged in, the best place to start is your workbench. From the workbench, you can find all the applications available for your review -- those that are in the state “Council review”. You can also search for any applications that have ever been in this state before, regardless of final outcome (approved or dismissed). The accounts of AC members have access to most data related to the application, including: reviews by OTF team, the determination messages OTF sends applicants as formal feedback (either requesting further information, dismissing, or approving their application), including our final determination, sent to applicants and applicants responses to OTF feedback. We encourage you to explore these materials to better understand the issues previously raised by the OTF team during the course of our review.

The proposals currently under AC review can be found on your workbench. AC members complete the same proposal review form as OTF team members. The form includes a list of 11 categories that need to be completed. A rating of between 0-5 is required for each category. Text boxes allow reviewers to offer additional thoughts on any category. While we appreciate reviews of any sort, we encourage AC members to include substantive feedback, both positive and negative.