Internet Freedom and Core Infrastructure Funds

OTF sorts each two month batch of concept notes into 6 rounds a year. Team members are responsible for managing one round per year. There can be as many as hundreds of concept notes in each round [link to more info here]. The concept notes are sorted by those the round leader considers inside and outside of our funding remit. All concept notes receive at least a cursory review by each team member prior to any determination being sent. The round leader is responsible for sending a determination message to each applicant. For those applications that are declined OTF provides feedback and encourages them to take advantage of the alternative sources of support resources. For all others, OTF undertakes the review process.


At the first week of every month, OTF will present applications ready for AC review. AC members will have until the months end to complete their reviews.


We expect you to review at least 2 proposals every two months on average, at least 12 proposals a year, prioritizing those applications that have less than 2 reviews already.

OTF advisory council members tend to be very busy people by virtue of their expertise and experience. Your willingness to volunteer for this position in a very literal sense makes OTF possible. Therefore we want to be as responsive to your needs as possible. If something is not working, you have a question or are not seeing proposals you feel well-suited to review, contact us. Making sure the AC is engaged and benefitting from their experience on the council is important to us. That said, the expectation is that AC members will review about one proposal per month. Because of OTF’s very open call, the exact pace and inflow of proposals reaching the AC review stage is impossible to perfectly predict, but if each member of the AC member is able to conduct approximately one review a month we will be able to keep funds flowing effectively and remain nimble with our funding process.

Review guidance

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