Engineering Lab
Bolstering and securing the technological infrastructure behind internet freedom technologies
The Engineering Lab provides specific implementation and deployment support to Internet freedom application makers, communities or organizations, and the providers they rely upon. Support is offered in the form of funds directly from OTF to applicants or an allocation of time and resources to applicants from OTF-contracted partners.

Important Considerations

The lab focuses on supporting the implementation and inclusion of established technologies into existing applications, organizations, and communities that are advancing Internet freedom, supporting the initial/bootstrap operating and infrastructure costs associated with getting deployments online, and, finally, conducting one-off assessments of existing apps or websites for recommended privacy, security, or anti-censorship improvements.
The lab prioritizes supporting the following kinds of projects:
  1. 1.
    Current and past Internet freedom efforts supported with public funds from OTF, BBG, the Department of State; and,
  2. 2.
    Efforts that fit with OTF's overall mission and goals but, for various reasons, may not be current or previous supported Internet freedom efforts.
Work will be conducted either by service partners or applicants themselves—with triage and oversight by OTF. Current service partners:

When to Apply

Applications always open.
To learn more about the Engineering Lab or apply for support, head to the Engineering Lab page.
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Important Considerations
When to Apply