Usability Lab

Improving the usability of open source circumvention and digital security technologies

The Usability Lab connects technology developers and the tools they make with usability experts in order to make open source circumvention and digital security tools easier to use. We firmly believe that it isn’t enough for internet freedom tools to just “work.” Rather, they should work for users as seamlessly as possible regardless of technical skill level, with security “on” by default.

To this end, OTF has partnered with expert service providers to assess and improve the usability of internet freedom projects. The Usability Lab provides secure usability audits, user experience consultations, testing and design services, and more. Our current Usability Lab service providers are Guardian Project, Simply Secure, Torchbox, and Ura Design.

To learn more about the Usability Lab or apply to receive usability improvement services, head to the Usability Lab page.